Student Chapter Committee
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Feel free to contact any member of the committee with any questions about Student Chapters!

Aline Rodrigues Hoffmann, DVM, MS, PhD
Student Chapter Committee Chair 

Krista La Perle, DVM, PhD
ACVP Council Liaison   

Mary Carsillo, DVM, PhD
Society of Toxicologic Pathology Student Interaction Subcommittee Liaison 

Kevin Keel, DVM, PhD

Kathleen Kelly, DVM, PhD 

Bruce LeRoy, DVM, PhD 

Barbara McMahill, DVM, PhD   

Kimberly Newkirk, DVM, PhD 

Lynette Phillips, DVM, PhD     

Susan Piripi, BVSc, PhD 

Duncan Russell, BVMS (Hons) 

Kelly Santangelo, DVM, PhD 


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