ACVP/STP Coalition for Veterinary Pathology
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About the Coalition

How the Coalition Works

Coalition Organized and Administered Positions

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     2013 Scientific Conference

     2011 Scientific Conference

     2010 Scientific Conference

     2008 Scientific Conference

     2007 Scientific Conference

Other Meetings


Status of the Coalition, 2020

As a result of decreased financial support and other factors, the Coalition suspended operations as of July 2020. The rationale behind this decision and other information has been detailed in Toxiologic Pathology 48:603-606, 2020 and Veterinary Pathology 57:472-475, 2020. The Coalition web site is archived here to commemorate this successful academic-industrial collaboration.


Coalition Purpose

The Coalition was formed in late 2004 to provide a unified mechanism for ACVP and STP to solicit and allocate funds to establish new training positions in response to the current and predicted future shortage of well trained veterinary anatomic and clinical pathologists.

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