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Congratulations to the 2019 Veterinary Student Poster Award Recipients!

These awards were announced on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at the ACVP Recognition and Awards Event in San Antonio.

Clinical Cases

First Place: SP-37: Specific In Situ Detection of Trypanosoma cruzi in Chagas Disease 
Anna K. Blick, Texas A&M University

Second Place: SP-55: Genetic Diversity of Amdoparvoviruses in Striped Skunks (Mephitis mephitis) and Demonstration in Tissue By In Situ Hybridization 
Maya S. Schlesinger, University of California, Davis

Third Place: SP-48: Cutaneous and Subcutaneous Lymphohistiocytic Nodules in Dogs

Alea Agrawal, University of Pennsylvania


Experimental Disease

First Place: SP-57:  Injection Site Reactions Following Administration of Sustained Release Meloxicam in Three Strains of Mice: BALB/CJ, C57BL6/J, and ICR(CD1) 

Stephanie Fuetsch, University of California, Davis

Second Place: SP-27: Microrna Expression as a Diagnostic Tool for Urothelial Carcinoma in Canine Urine Sediment
Cecilia E. Silva, Purdue University

Third Place: SP-26: Histopathology of Rat Vocal Folds Following Systemic Dehydration
Adrianne R. Glaser, Purdue University



Travel Award

ACVP provides a greatly reduced registration of at the Annual Meeting to veterinary students and several activities, including a breakfast, the Veterinary Student Residency Forum, and Meet the Pathologists. To qualify for the $1,000 Travel Award, Chapters must:

  • Be active as defined by completing 3/5 recommended activities over a 2-year period:
    • Semi-annual chapter meetings
    • 1 wet lab
    • 1 guest speaker (inside or outside their veterinary school)
    • Attendance at 1 Annual Meeting
    • Poster presentation at an Annual Meeting by at least 1 chapter member
  • At least one student from each chapter must attend the Veterinary Student Breakfast.
  • Submit a Chapter Annual Report by September 1, 2020
  • Submit a Post-Meeting Activity Report by December 4, 2020 in lieu of receipts, which includes the members attending the meeting, activities/sessions in which they participated, things that were learned and the fun that was had. Selected reports will be published in the ACVP Newsletter.


ACVP Veterinary Student Poster Awards

ACVP offers two Veterinary Student Poster Awards at the Annual Meeting for veterinary students that require submission of an abstract and a quality poster presentation of pathology-related research or case work material at the Annual Meeting. The veterinary student must be the FIRST author on the abstract, and a pathologist mentor must be included as a co-author. All names and affiliations must be included.

Abstracts must present ORIGINAL findings or a NOVEL case that has not been previously reported. All abstracts must have clear results, and abstracts with "results pending" will not be accepted. Only one abstract per student will be accepted.

Submissions of veterinary student abstracts will be accepted in the summer.  The typical deadline for veterinary student abstracts is the end of August.  The submission system typically opens in late July.

A link to the abstract submission site will be available on the abstracts page in late July.


Mentor of the Year Award

Do you want to recognize an outstanding Chapter Faculty Advisor? Is there a Pathology Resident or Graduate Student who has been actively engaged in Chapter Activities? How about a Pathologist, either within or outside your veterinary school, who was a great mentor to you during an externship? Please consider nominating him or her for the Annual Mentor of the Year Award to be announced at the Annual Meeting during the Veterinary Student Breakfast.

To nominate someone, complete the nomination packet by September 22, and include letters of nomination from: (a) Student Chapter Officers/Members, AND (b) a pathologist from the nominated mentor's workplace. For information on how the Mentor of the Year is selected, please see the scoring rubric. Although not necessary, resident and graduate student input and signatures on the student letters of recommendation are encouraged.


Student Award for Excellence in Pathology

This annual award is given to one or more students at each veterinary school that has an ACVP Student Chapter. The purpose of this award is to acknowledge outstanding 4th year veterinary students who have demonstrated exceptional proficiency and interest in anatomic and/or clinical pathology.

The award will include a Certificate of Recognition that can be linked to a preexisting pathology-related monetary award at the university or can be a stand-alone award.

Criteria for the ACVP Excellence in Pathology Award will be as follows:

  • One or more fourth year (graduating) veterinary students at each AVMA-accredited school in North America with an active ACVP Student Chapter.
  • The recipient(s) would be selected by the pathology faculty, including the Student Chapter Advisor, at each institution.
  • Recommended criteria for selection should include:
    • Excellence in pathology coursework
    • Excellence in senior pathology rotations and/or externships
    • Dedicated involvement in pathology departmental activities (i.e. rounds, slide seminars, research seminars, etc.
    • Demonstration of strong leadership abilities
    • Active membership in the active ACVP Student Chapter

ACVP members may enter their awardees via the members-only link.

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