University of Wisconsin - Research Animal Resources Center
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Organization/Company: University of Wisconsin – Research Animal Resources Center

Location: Madison, WI


Pathology Environment: Academic Laboratory

Discipline/Field of Study: Anatomic

Length of Externship: 2-4 weeks

Time of Year: Anytime

Funding: No

Housing Provided: No, but on-campus housing is available

Description of Externship:

The RARC offers extended experience in laboratory animal pathology to veterinary students who have completed at least three (3) years of veterinary school. Practice in laboratory animal necropsy with special attention to distinct anatomical structures of laboratory rodents and diseases of research animals is provided. Species seen at the RARC include mice, rats, nonhuman primates, zebrafish, frogs, captive wildlife used in research, dogs, cats, and agricultural species. There is emphasis on comparative pathology and transgenic mouse models of human disease. There are opportunities for short rotations at the Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (WVDL), the Wisconsin Primate Research Center, the School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM), and the National Wildlife Health Center. With special prior arrangements, projects with the Wisconsin Primate Research Center and Covance are also possible. All of these institutions employ veterinary pathologists in the Madison area. The student is expected to attend necropsies during the rotation, and to assume responsibility for histopathology on at least one case. The extern will learn how necropsy and histopathology reports are written in a regulatory environment; there will be close supervision by the attending pathologist. The extern is expected to develop and complete a written project on a topic of importance in laboratory animal medicine; a short presentation to the RARC veterinary staff is required. A positive attitude and willingness to learn are important. The extern will have access to our specialized laboratory animal library and our group of ~10 laboratory animal veterinarians, as wells as numerous Boarded pathologists at the SVM and WVDL. Scheduled activities may include laboratory animal, dermatopathology, diagnostic, transgenic mouse, and comparative pathology rounds, as well as those rounds offered at the SVM.

Dr. Annette Gendron


Updated: 5/2/16

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