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Organization/Company: Purdue University

Location: Lafayette, IN


Pathology Environment: Academic

Discipline/Field of Study: Clinical

Length of Externship: Junior/Senior Year Externship (3-6 week duration for students in 3rd or 4th year)

Time of Year: Anytime

Funding: No

Housing Provided: No

Description of Externship:
The experience allows students with an interest in clinical pathology to participate in the day-to-day laboratory duties at an academic institution. This includes, but is not limited to, review of blood smears and urine sediments, interpretation of cytology samples, bone marrow aspirates and core biopsies as well as biochemical data interpretation. Cytologic samples are correlated to histologic samples when available. Students may work with veterinary students from different schools, graduate veterinarians as well as pathology residents and faculty in review of these samples. Weekly clinical pathology rounds, journal clubs, CVM seminars, and graduate course presentations are available to supplement the learning experience. Access to computer catalogued slide sets and CVM cases is readily available in the Purdue University Cytology Resource Center. Currently there are three clinical pathologists and three clinical pathology residents in the section.

Dr. Craig A. Thompson, Diplomate ACVP 
(765) 494-9916 


Updated: 5/21/17

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