Phase II
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The Phase II examination is a one-day examination in veterinary anatomic pathology or veterinary clinical pathology.   It is composed of written essays and multiple choice questions assessing the skills and knowledge that a minimally competent pathologist should possess. Examination Content Development Guidelines 

Effective for 2020 - Phase II Certifying Examination Fee

2020 Test Dates

Anatomic Pathology          August 18 or 19*
Clinical Pathology             August 20
*Specific day of testing to be assigned 

The cut scores (passing points) for the ACVP Phase I Examination and Phase II Certifying Examinations are outlined below.  The cut scores were set based on standard setting studies in 2017, applied to the 2017 Phase II Examinations and the 2018 Phase I Examination. To pass an examination, a score equal to or greater than the respective cut score must be achieved. The established cut scores are:

Anatomical Pathology Phase II Examination:   194 / 300  
Clinical Pathology Phase II Examination:         203 / 300
The cut score will remain the same for all future examinations until a new standard setting study is conducted.  For all future examinations, candidate scores will be equated with the above respective examination.  Additional information on the cut score and equating process can be found here.

Administration of the Phase II examination: The Phase II examination is administered at the American Board of Pathology’s testing facility in Tampa, FL.  The facility is located 5 miles (10 minutes) from the Tampa International Airport and is connected to the Westshore Grand Hotel.

ACVP has reserved sleeping rooms at the Westshore Grand Hotel in Tampa for the exam.  Please use the link below to secure your hotel reservations.  The negotiated discounted rate is $157 per day (not including state and local taxes) and is available prior to July 18, 2019. Or you can call the hotel at 1-888-236-2427 (or +1-813-286-4400). Be sure to advise the reservation agent that you are with the American College of Veterinary Pathologists in order to obtain the discounted room rate.  

If you have any questions, please send an email to Jane Shepard at



For Phase II, the automated multiple choice scoring process is subject to similar quality assurance as Phase I, and scores will not be re-verified.  Essay scores are verified twice before examination score reporting.  If a candidate requests essay score re-verification after receiving their score (reverification of examination scores), the essays are not regraded, but score transfers and final score are re-verified. 


2017 Phase II Tampa Survey Results 

Tampa Guide/FAQs 

Instruction booklet for examination 

Computer screen shots at examination centre

See the ACVP Certifying Examination Candidate Handbook for detailed information


Anatomic Pathology Resources:

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Clinical Pathology Resources:

Reading List 

Scope CP 

2019 CP Exam Schedule

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