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Mike Conner, DVM, DACVP
Vice President, Toxicology
Global Blood Therapeutics, Inc.

Mike Conner has seen many changes in the industry since he became an ACVP diplomate in 1985. Since then, he served on the editorial board for Veterinary Pathology and also served as a member and eventually chair of the Development Committee. He encourages other diplomates to consider volunteering for some of the many committees that keep the College moving forward.

“With successful completion of the certifying examination as necessary step to becoming a participant in ACVP, the College is often viewed as a credentialing organization rather than as a scientific society,” said Conner. “Thus, many members, once having successfully completed the certifying examination, often drift away from participation in the College, particularly if their career paths take them away from academic or diagnostic pathology.  Yet the organization, by setting standards for certification, does influence the scope and depth of training programs and, indirectly, to scientific endeavors related to understanding animal diseases, belying the notion that it is simply a certification organization. Further, many in related pursuits (industrial, toxicologic pathology, e.g.) owe their positions, in large part to their status as diplomates of the ACVP.  Participation in the activities of the ACVP represents both an expression of gratitude for the opportunities made available by successfully sitting the boards and an investment into the future by supporting both scientific endeavors and the training of future pathologists.”

He acknowledged that lack of free time after gaining certification may be holding some diplomates back from serving the College. “Another factor is the expectation that other, more seasoned members are better suited for leadership roles in the organization,” he continued. “I allowed both factors to influence my minimal participation for many years.  That slow pace of participation is not healthy for the organization.  We benefit most from the perspectives of members in all stages of their careers. Participation ensures the continued health and growth of the ACVP.” 

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