Maintenance of Certification (MOC)
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In 2011 the American Board of Veterinary Specialists, under the umbrella of the American Veterinary Medical Association, mandated that all AVMA veterinary specialty organizations begin a program of maintenance of certification (MOC). ACVP will begin time-limited board certification in 2016.

ACVP has always maintained high and highly relevant standards for certification. While our jobs and our discipline offer many flexible ongoing opportunities for continued education, and the MOC system and portal are designed to recognize and document those learning activities. Among many continuing education possibilities, the new standards for maintenance include scholarly activities in writing and oral communication, understanding the latest innovations in our specialty, or new understandings of assessment and evaluation systems. MOC is designed to protect the ideology that a Diplomate of the ACVP is capable of providing creativity and state-of-the-art support for advancements in medicine and research.

The MOC portal is designed to efficiently facilitate ACVP members in maintaining their certification. The interface should clearly communicate, track, and report continuing education according to the basic guidelines delineated by the AVMA.

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Important Documents:

MOC Policy Manual can be found here.

MOC Credit Table can be found here.

MOC FAQs can be found here.

MOC Credit Activity Request Form can be found 
Use this form to submit professional activities not currently MOC-approved (e.g. seminar, online courses, conferences/meetings).  MOC Committee reviews all requests quarterly.

ACVP Member MOC Portal:

  • Login to the ACVP website
  • At the top of the screen click on Manage Profile
  • Click on Professional Development

The documents above are also on the Professional Development page.        


Non-Member MOC Portal:

  • This is only an option for those Diplomates certified in 2016 or later who do not wish to be a member of ACVP.
  • To become an ACVP MOC Non-Member which provides access to the MOC Portal only, select "SIGN IN" at the top of the page, "MANAGE PROFILE", "Invoicing, Payments & History/Membership. If you need your Username and/or password, please contact Mary Johns at 608-443-2466 x144 or
  • Login to the ACVP website
  • At the top of the screen click on Manage Profile
  • Click on Professional Development


MOC Portal Fees:

For paid, active ACVP Diplomates, there will be a one-time $100 fee associated with EACH maintenance of certification 10-year time period. This fee would be paid by active members at the end of their 10-year certification period, and they would be able to use the MOC portal throughout the 10-year period since they are active ACVP Diplomates. 

For unpaid, inactive ACVP Diplomates, there will be an annual $125 fee.

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MOC Webinar

Presented by Amy Durham
March 26, 2018

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