Externship Award Application Form
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Letter to the ACVP Externship Subcommittee describing the externship to which you have been accepted. Include information on: a) your background (including a list of previous externship experiences), b) your goals for the experience, and c) a brief description of the externship environment (including location, dates, and the name of the ACVP Diplomate who is coordinating the experience). Be sure to include a description of the how the externship will broaden your pathology experience.
Please upload your current Curriculum Vitate (maximum of 2 pages) and your unofficial CVM transcript.
Letter of agreement from the host institution which specifies the location and duration of externship, if matching contributions are provided and, if so, amount of matching contributions.
Letter of recommendation from an ACVP, ECVP, or JCVP Diplomate. This person should not be the same person that is coordinating the externship experience.
If you would like to apply for more than four externships, please fill out this application again.
  • Spring deadline: March 1 at 12:00am Eastern Time (for externships occurring between March 1st and September 30th of the same calendar year)
  • Fall deadline: October 1 at 12:00am Eastern Time (for externships occurring between October 1st and April 30th of the same calendar year)

Applications must be submitted prior to the deadline (above). Successful applicants will be asked to write a brief summary of their externship experience, which may be used by the ACVP to highlight the accomplishments of awardees. Scholarships will be awarded once the summary has been received by the ACVP. See the ACVP website for more information about the Externship Scholarship Program, including a list of externship opportunities.

Direct Questions to: info@acvp.org

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