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ACVP members are involved in multiple committees that are active in serving the College and the greater community. Below is a list of committees as well as each committee's mission statement and current/future activities.

Note: Committee and Task Forces conduct work directed by the ACVP Council. Coalitions, Networks, and Working Groups are member-driven interest groups. 


AVMA-American Board of Veterinary Specialties (ABVS) Liaison

  • Activities: To prepare and submit the ACVP Annual Report to the ABVS, to continue to establish a mechanism for a maintenance of certification program, and to work with Council to consider changes to pass-point determination for the ACVP examinations.

Corporate Partners Committee

  • Activities: To identify corporate partners and assure continuity from donors.

 Credentialing Committee

  • Activities: To assist Council in determining eligibility of exam candidates, and to assist the Certifying Exam Board as requested in implementing the two phase examination and/or a restructured examination process.

Development Committee

  • Activities: To take a leadership role in fundraising and to provide feedback to Council regarding the success of funded initiatives, including the Mid-Career Development Award.

Domestic Alliances Committee

  • Mission Statement: To create more efficient mechanisms for interaction and communication with key pathology partners, and to network with other AVMA-recognized veterinary specialty organizations to identify common issues.
  • Activities: To continue to support the development of strategic alliances with other biomedical and veterinary organizations.

Examination Committee

  • Activities Prior to Ames: To post examples and inspect currently posted examples of exam material on the ACVP website, to finalize the essay, written slide descriptions, and short answer keys, and to create a proctor training SOP document and updated exam grading SOP.
  • Activities Immediately Prior to and During the Exam: To provide exam quality control, to administer the exam, to grade the exam, and to train proctors.

Externship Scholarship Committee

  • Mission Statement: To assure continued high quality growth in the profession by attracting outstanding veterinary students to veterinary pathology training programs through increased awareness and accessibility of pathology externship programs.
  • Activities: To maintain the externship webpage of the ACVP website and review and fund student extern scholarship applications twice a year.

Inskeep Award Committee

International Alliances Committee

  • Activities: To modify the IVPC website, to facilitate the meeting of the ICVP at the annual ACVP/ASVCP meeting, to promote international student activities in conjunction with the Student Chapter Committee, and to increase the visibility of global interactions via the ACVP and ICVP websites and the ACVP newsletter.

Intersociety Experimental Pathology Committee

  • Activities: To develop and present  the 2015 and 2016 Symposia, to facilitate interaction between members of ACVP and members of ASIP, and to increase mutual awareness of the societies and showcase the capabilities of veterinary pathology to provide expert service/support/advice/research/etc. 

Life Long Learning Committee

  • Mission Statement: To provide life-long learning opportunities for ACVP members.
  • Activities: To create quizzes and image challenges linked to the website for member education.   

Maintenance of Certification Committee

  • Activities: Establish and maintain a mechanism for maintenance of certification.

Member Relations Committee

  • Activities: To review focused survey results and provide updates to Council, to present plan for Workforce Analysis, and to develop and present plans for increasing member involvement in College.

Nominations Committee

Pathology Chairs

Student Chapters Committee

  • Activities: To collect student chapter reports, to coordinate student activities at the annual meeting, including (but not limited to) judging student posters and organizing student receptions and panels, to recognize and interact with International Student Chapters, to produce PATHways Newsletter, to assist with maintenance of the student portion of the website and update and organize the student Facebook page, and to present the ACVP Sponsored Award for Excellence in Pathology.  

Student Chapters Travel Awards Committee

Student Poster Awards Committee

Training Program Committee

  • Activities: To provide feedback to Council and appropriate committees on responses to the newly implemented two-part exam, to maintain the residency training program website, to meet with training program network representatives,  to coordinate the selection of the Casey Award, to coordinate the yearly Trainee Appreciation Luncheon, to complete and post modules for General Pathology test question bank, and to work with Web Task force to coordinate the development of web-based educational materials with other ACVP initiatives.

Website, Newsletter, and Social Media Board

  • Activities: To launch of ACVP Forum group on LinkedIn, to improve communication within the ACVP/vet path community (Newsletter, ACVP News Desk, Social Media), and to redesign and maintain the ACVP website. 


Global Health Pathology Network

  • Mission Statement: Facilitates ACVP and its members in providing resources and guidance to enable sustainable, suitable and relevant efforts to global health.
  • Global Health Pathology Network website

International Veterinary Pathology Coalition (IVPC)

  •  Goals of the Coalition:
    •  to share knowledge
    • identify and unite resources for training
    • identify collaborators worldwide to work together on research projects

Oncology Pathology Working Group 

  • Mission Statement: to foster and promote an integrated working relationship between veterinary oncologists (medical, surgical, & radiation) and pathologists (anatomic and clinical) to facilitate and ensure the highest standard of pathology support and reporting for the advancement of veterinary clinical oncology and cancer research.
  • Activities can be found on the Oncology Pathology Working Group website.

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