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ACVP members are involved in multiple committees that are active in serving the College and the greater community. Below is a list of committees as well as each committee's mission statement and current/future activities.

Note: Committee and Task Forces conduct work directed by the ACVP Council. Coalitions, Networks, and Working Groups are member-driven interest groups. 

List of Committees

Select recipients for one or more awards including Externship Scholarships, Travel Awards, Poster Awards, etc.

  • AAVLD and ACVP Diagnostic Pathology Travel Award
  • Casey Award
  • CL Davis-Thompson Foundation Scholarship
  • Externship Scholarships
  • Honorary and Distinguished Member Nominations
  • ICPI (ACVP)* & ACVP (EB)
       *Funds suspended for 2018
  • Inskeep Award
  • Mentor of the Year Award
  • Mid-Career Excellence Awards
  • Student Chapters Travel Awards
  • STP
  • Veterinary Student Poster Awards
  • Wendy H. Coe Graduate Student/Resident Travel Awards
  • Young Investigator Awards


  • Member Relations
    Leads efforts to enhance member engagement in ACVP including welcoming new Diplomates, encouraging member renewals, facilitating the Community Service Activity (Co-Act) during the Annual Meeting, conducting the five-year salary survey, and establishing leadership development and mentoring programs. 
  • Advocacy and Policy
    Monitors government and regulatory policy as it impacts veterinary pathology; identifies opportunities for advocacy of specific issues that may affect ACVP members; develops and widely disseminates position statements and/or white papers that clearly articulate the critical role of veterinary pathologists in biomedical research. 
  • Vet Path Editorial Board
  • Website, Newsletter, and Social Media
    Works with the Executive Office and marketing consultant to develop and implement ways to foster member engagement and life-long learning, as well as educate society about ACVP and member contributions across all communication channels.


  • Academic Leaders
  • Education
    Provides long range planning of content for the ACVP Annual Meeting educational programs including coordination with the American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology (ASVCP),  focused group sessions, plenary sessions, concurrent sessions, pre-meeting workshops, and mini-symposia. 
  • Intersociety Experimental Pathology
    Plans the ACVP Scientific Symposium at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Investigative Pathology held in conjunction with Experimental Biology to highlight investigative contributions of veterinary pathologists and foster networking and collaborative opportunities for ACVP members and trainees with the broader scientific and medical community. 
  • Life Long Learning
    Develops and implements high quality life-long learning opportunities such as webinars for ACVP members and other stakeholders (trainees, biomedical scientists, laboratory diagnosticians, etc.).
  • Pathology Informatics
    A new ACVP committee that will evaluate the use of digital pathology, molecular pathology, artificial intelligence/machine learning in diagnostics and research. This will include a survey of open source decision-support software and the documentation of best practices, including the handling of generated data for the implementation and expansion of digital/molecular pathology and machine learning in veterinary pathology. Will also collaborate with the Training Program Committee to introduce pathology informatics into our training programs, and the Life Long Learning Committee to provide opportunities to career pathologists for professional development. 
  • Student Chapters
    Coordinates activities at the Annual ACVP Meetings related to student chapters; maintains communication via email, the Student Chapters Facebook page, and the PATHways newsletter with veterinary students; facilitates awarding the ACVP Student Award for Excellence in Pathology at participating veterinary schools; organizes the ACVP/STP booth at the annual SAVMA Symposium.
  • Training Program Committee/Network
    Maintains and oversees the Training Program Network (TPN); organizes the Resident Appreciation Lunch at the Annual Meeting; generates projects aimed at providing services, guidance, and resources to trainees and residency program coordinators; liaises with Certifying Examination Board and the Maintenance of Certification Committee; updates training best practices and ensures standardization of training based on the future practice of veterinary pathology in an era of digital and advanced molecular tools.


  • ABVS
  • Appeals
  • Credentialing Committee
    Provides objective review of candidate credentials for the certifying examination and recommendations to Council on those candidates eligible to sit for the certification examination. 
  • Test Item Writers Group
    Generates multiple-choice questions and maintain essay questions and accompanying slides for the certification exam.
  • Exam Assembly & Administration
    Composes certification examination from questions developed by the Test Item Writers Group and grades candidate responses to essay questions.
  • Maintenance of Certification Committee
    Ensures that board-certified veterinary pathologists successfully complete approved professional development that supports their continuous education, self-assessment, and clinical/diagnostic improvement needed to maintain certification with the ACVP.


  • Corporate Partners
    Develops strategies and leads efforts to secure contributions from corporate sources in support of ACVP's strategic plan goals. 
  • Development
    Works jointly with the ACVP Executive Office to secure lifetime and legacy contributions from members and other individuals in support of College strategic objectives. 
  • Finance
    Assists ACVP Council in its oversight responsibilities relating to fiscal management by providing a strategic overview and direction of ACVP financial matters to improve the financial health of the College; monitors key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to financial indices; regularly reviews financial results and the operating budget; oversees the management of financial assets. 
  • Private Foundations
    A new ACVP committee that will identify foundations whose mission overlaps with ACVP goals; assist the ACVP management group in the solicitation of funds from these foundations; work in concert with the Development Committee, Corporate Partners Committee, and Finance Committee as part of the ACVP Advancement Group.


Domestic Alliances

  • ACVP-STP Coalition
  • Association for Molecular Pathology
  • Association for Pathology Informatics
  • AVMA – American Board of Veterinary Specialties
  • C.L. Davis
  • OPWG
    Fosters and promotes an integrated working relationship between veterinary oncologists (medical, surgical, and radiation) and pathologists (anatomic and clinical) to facilitate and ensure the highest standard of pathology diagnostics and reporting for the advancement of veterinary clinical oncology and cancer research. 
  • STP

International Alliances

  • Global Health Pathology Network, a partnership with the CL Davis-SW Thompson Foundation
    Provides shared information and guidance forums to facilitate meaningful international engagement and support outreach by educational programs; facilitates self-directed connections in the network that may lead to joint capacity-building; uses the network expertise to respond to requests for group work pathology training and basic work in less developed countries received by the CL Davis and SW Thompson DVM Foundation.  
  • International Veterinary Pathology Coalition (IVPC)
    Shares knowledge, identifies and unites resources for training, and identifies collaborators worldwide to work together on research. 


  • Future Practice Task Force
    Projects the future nature of veterinary anatomic and clinical pathology practice in the age of digital pathology, artificial intelligence/machine learning and advanced molecular tools. Works with the Training Program Committee to determine the level of knowledge required for an entry-level pathologist and the degree of training required, as well as the Certifying Exam Board for assessment of such knowledge and training. 
  • Governance Task Force
    Examines the infrastructure and processes that ACVP has in place to govern itself, in order to recommend changes to Council that will result in a more effective and efficient organization with regard to operational excellence and implementation of strategic initiatives.
  • Intramural Grant Program Implementation Task Force
    Develops and Request for Proposal (RFP) and processes to evaluate and award proposals that incorporate member input, distribute grants, and review/assess progress and/or outcomes.
  • Nominations

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