Casey Scholarship
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The Harold W. Casey Scholarship Award is intended to recognize and reward outstanding individuals training in pathology and striving to achieve ACVP certification. To be considered, the candidate should meet the following qualifications:

  1. Possess a DVM or equivalent degree and have completed a minimum of two years in a pathology training position in a North American pathology training program. The training program can be a residency or degree program, but must be supervised by a Diplomate of the ACVP.
  2. Have high motivation and academic excellence in undergraduate veterinary and graduate courses.
  3. Have as a primary goal the attainment of ACVP Diplomate status. This goal should be supported by a statement from the candidate's supervisor that the candidate has the interest and potential to meet the qualifications for the ACVP certification examination and is capable of successfully completing the examination.
  4. Be committed to leadership, scholarship, and service in the veterinary profession.

The annual award of $1,500 may be used for educational training supplies or tuition. The award will be non-renewable and can be received only once by a given candidate. Preference will be given to candidates training in anatomic pathology if candidates are equivalent by all other criteria. The recipient will be announced at the ACVP Annual Meeting.

Application Requirements:

  1. Letter of nomination from the applicant's supervisor
  2. Applicant's resume

Submit an application online by July 28. 

The letter of nomination should:

  • state the candidate's class rank at completion of the veterinary medical curriculum
  • indicate success, to date, in the post-DVM pathology training program and comment on motivation
  • comment on interest and potential to achieve ACVP certification
  • describe leadership, scholarship, and service in the veterinary medical profession.

The resume prepared by the nominee should include:

  • a statement of career goals
  • education
  • awards, scholarships, and honor societies
  • work experience (including the current pathology training program)
  • research experience
  • publications


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