Careers in Veterinary Pathology
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What is Veterinary Pathology?

  • The study of animal disease in a variety of species, often with human implications
  • Pathology provides the scientific foundation for the practice of medicine by studying the etiology and pathogenesis of disease at all levels
  • Crucial in determining cause of animal disease and its risk to human health (at the forefront of the One Health concept)
  • Studies range from live animals to specific proteins involved in disease



Lily I. Cheng was a sophomore in college when a friend told her  about a volunteer opening in pathology at the National Zoo in Washington, DC.

Nikos Gurfield discovered during his last year in veterinary school that veterinary pathology was the perfect nexus for joining his interests in science, research, epidemiology, and public health.

Roger Panciera has trained legions of veterinary students and more than ~150 current pathologists.

Janet Patterson-Kane arrived at the University of Florida from New Zealand feeling as though she had stepped onto another planet.

Laura Richman started as a veterinary technician in high school then later played a key role in diagnosing a fatal elephant disease.



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