ACVP Affiliate Members

ACVP Affiliate Members

As of July 1, 2020, ACVP welcomes two new affiliate member categories: Trainee Affiliate Member and Allied Professional Members.


Trainee Affiliate Member

Individuals with a veterinary degree who are in a Veterinary Pathology training program and not yet ACVP-board certified can choose between an ACVP Trainee Affiliate Membership or a joint Trainee Membership with both ACVP and the American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology (ASVCP).


• Application requires annual proof of trainee status from training program coordinator or

graduate supervisor or department head

• Maximum time for trainee status is 7 years after start of pathology training (e.g. residency,

internship, fellowship or graduate program), exclusive of medical or parental leaves

(documentation required)

• Applications are confirmed by the ACVP and ASVCP Executive Office.

• See Addendum for examples of eligibility and ineligibility.

Trainee Affiliate Member Benefits:

ACVP affiliate (Option 1)

• Direct communication of trainee-specific information from ACVP to trainees

• Opportunity for trainees to build connections, collaborations and networks through serving on

committees (other than the Certifying Examination Board,

Appeals, and Finance)

• On-line access to six annual issues of Veterinary Pathology journal

• Reduced Annual Meeting registration

• Access to educational webinars and regional meetings

• Access to Members Only section of website (includes member directory, additional annual meeting information, articles, salary surveys and committee documents)

ACVP/ASVCP joint affiliate (Option 2)

In addition to the above:

o On-line access to Veterinary Clinical Pathology journal

o Access to ASVCP Online Rounds (offered monthly)

o Access to ASVCP Members section of website (includes chemistry case bank, mystery slide

case bank)

o Access to ASVCP listserv

o Ability to serve on ASVCP committees


• Ineligible to hold office or vote on ballots being considered by Diplomate Members

• Trainees who have completed 7 years of training and not become board certified are eligible to join ACVP as Allied Professional Affiliate Members.

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Current ASVCP Graduate Student/Intern/Resident Members see additional information here.



Allied Professional Affiliate Members

Persons who are qualified, by virtue of training and/or experience, and are actively involved

in anatomic pathology, clinical pathology, molecular pathology and/or pathology informatics through administration, teaching, or research, or work in the biopharmaceutical industry, or are engaged as scientists or professionals in areas related to pathology, are eligible for election as Allied Professionals. Individuals must have, at a minimum, a specialized degree in one of the aforementioned disciplines from a recognized college or university, or relevant training and experience in pathology. ACVP Diplomates are ineligible for this category.

Criteria: Application requires a statement regarding applicants’ working relationship with the Veterinary Pathology community. Applications will be reviewed and voted upon by the Board of Directors.


• Member rate for Annual Meeting

• Ability to develop workshops or seminars on topics of special relevance at Annual Meeting

• Participation in selected ACVP committees and task forces with right to vote on committee business and serve as chair/co-chair

• Opportunity to network with other Allied Professionals and ACVP Diplomates

• Six annual issues of Veterinary Pathology journal 


• Ineligible to serve on certifying examination related committees, i.e. the Certifying Examination Board,

Appeals, and Finance.

Ineligible to hold office or vote on ballots being considered by Diplomate members

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