Call for Abstracts

ACVP, ASVCP, and ISACP Call for Abstracts

We are excited to announce that preparations for the 2020 ACVP, ASVCP, and ISACP Concurrent Annual Meeting scheduled for October 31-November 3 are continuing in full force. The program chairs from ACVP, ASVCP, and ISACP met this past weekend to continue planning for the Annual Meeting.
The COVID-19 pandemic certainly has affected all of our lives in one way or another, especially with respect to travel and in-person meetings. The Annual Meeting Committee has been joined by a recently formed Contingency Planning Task Force to identify and implement strategies to deliver the high quality content you have come to appreciate and expect from our Annual Meeting.
The ACVP leadership and the Annual Meeting Committee are committed to keeping the planned meeting program as intact as possible—whether it be hybrid or face-to-face, or virtual. To that effect, we invite you to prepare and submit abstract(s) in the usual fashion. At the same time, we ask you to remain flexible as we determine the best way to deliver our workshops, scientific sessions, poster and platform presentations.
We realize that funding, staffing and, consequently, availability to participate in synchronous activities, whether on site or online, change on an almost daily basis. So, we understand that your plans to contribute to or attend the meeting may (have to) change as time goes on. We encourage you to submit your abstracts anyway, and we will honor your intentions to best of our ability.
We wish you good health,
Christiane Löhr, 2020 Program Chair
Tina Meichner, 2020 ASVCP Program Chair
Mary Christopher, 2020 ISACP Program Chair
Ingeborg Langohr, 2020 Focused Scientific Group Chair
David Rotstein, 2020 Focused Scientific Group Co-Chair


2020 Call for Abstracts
You are now invited to submit your research and diagnostic cases for presentation at the 2020 ACVP, ASVCP, and ISACP Concurrent Annual Meeting through the Call for Abstracts portal. All abstracts must be submitted electronically no later than 12:00 midnight (PST) on Wednesday, July 1, 2020. 

Submit your abstract here.


Focused Scientific Sessions

The Focused Scientific Sessions (FSS) provide an opportunity for individuals to present novel findings at the ACVP, ASVCP, and ISACP Annual Meeting in six categories. These categories are designed to allow for abstract submission in broad areas that represent the diversity in Veterinary Pathology. They are listed below:

Clinical Pathology
Diagnostic Pathology
Experimental Disease
Industrial and Toxicologic Pathology
Natural Disease 

Clinical Pathology
Abstracts in the Clinical Pathology session are focused on clinical pathology diagnostics and clinicopathologic aspects of natural or experimental disease.

Diagnostic Pathology
Abstracts in the Diagnostic Pathology session are intended to be an opportunity for presentation of brief pathology case reports. Abstracts submitted to this category are typically reports of classic disease entities, common diseases in an unusual species, or an atypical disease in any one animal. This session also includes brief descriptions of new/contemporary diagnostic tests/methods. The emphasis in this category should be on descriptive, not mechanistic, pathology.

Abstracts in the Education session are focused on information related to education in veterinary pathology, veterinary medicine or training tools utilized in education in general.

Experimental Disease
Abstracts in the Experimental Disease session include in-depth investigations into the pathophysiology or pathogenesis of experimentally induced disease processes in relevant animal species or in animal models. Submission in this category may include mechanistic pathology of experimentally induced diseases or descriptions of new animal model systems and the comparative pathology of those models.

Industrial and Toxicologic Pathology
Abstracts in the Industrial and Toxicologic Pathology session include descriptions and in-depth investigations into the pathophysiology and pathogenesis of toxins, chemicals, environmental pollutants and xenobiotic agents. Topics can include investigative studies, case reports, regulatory study summaries or studies with laboratory animal models that are relevant to industrial pathology.

Natural Disease
Abstracts in the Natural Disease session include in-depth investigations into the pathology or pathophysiology of naturally occurring or emerging disease processes, detailed case series of a particular process, or naturally occurring disease spectrum in a given population. This session also includes in-depth descriptions of new/contemporary diagnostic testing that would include details on method, validation and optimization in a case series and thus not be suitable for the brief format of the Diagnostic Pathology session.


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