2020 Annual Meeting Announcement

June 12, 2020


The ACVP Board of Directors met recently to continue discussing the 2020 combined ACVP, ASVCP, and ISACP Annual Meetings in the context of the State of Illinois reopening guidelines and restrictions on gathering sizes. Based on those guidelines, we will not be able to hold a large meeting such as ours in Chicago in October. As such, we must cancel the in-person meeting as permitted in our hotel contract in the case of a force majeure event such as the pandemic.


 This has been a tough decision and has been communicated to the ASVCP Executive Board and the ISACP Executive Board. We will especially miss this year’s opportunity to partner with ISACP for an in-person concurrent meeting.


 Although an in-person Annual Meeting will not take place in 2020, we are currently planning to proceed with a virtual meeting. Our Contingency Planning Task Force and the Annual Meeting Committee have proactively explored options and weighed possibilities for a virtual format. This might include a virtual poster session and pre-recorded oral presentations, as well as live events to facilitate interaction and networking in a virtual format.


 This communication comes with our thanks for your interest in ACVP, ASVCP, and ISACP and your support as we grapple with transforming important continuing education content to a virtual format. We greatly regret the loss of an exciting opportunity to exchange ideas in person but look forward to a virtual meeting in 2020 and additional opportunities for interactions among our members throughout the year and during next year's ACVP / ASVCP Concurrent Annual Meeting in Seattle on October 30-November 2, 2021.


 In the meantime, we wish you good health,


 ACVP Board of Directors

 ASVCP Executive Board

 ISACP Executive Board

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