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ACVP Exhibitor/Sponsor Hosted Sessions
Sunday, November 10, 2019
Location: Conference Room 14
San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter Hotel

Exhibitor/Sponsor Hosted Sessions are commercially supported educational sessions held in conjunction with the ACVP Annual Meeting.  Sessions do not offer RACE continuing education credits.

Hosted-Session: An Integrated Approach to High-throughput and High-dimension Multiplexing in Tissue with Single-cell Resolution
Company Profile: Instruments, Reagents, and Software for Imaging many biomarkers simultaneously in tissue sections.
Session Time: Sunday, November 10 -- 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

Session Description: We will present strategies for imaging and analyzing multiple biomarkers in single tissue sections at different levels of dimensionality and throughput. We will discuss tissue staining using barcoded antibodies as opposed to using tyramide chemistry to iteratively label single markers. Strategies for imaging and analysis will be discussed.

Learner Objectives:
1) Identify the benefits and drawbacks of using barcoded antibodies vs amplification via tyramide;
2) Identify the difference between multispectral imaging with unmixing and fluorescence imaging using narrowband filters; and
3) Describe image analysis, including tissue and cell segmentation, phenotyping, scoring, and spatial metrics.


Hosted-Session: Demystifying Deep Learning AI and Digital Pathology
Company Name: AIFORIA, INC.
Company Profile: The Aiforia AI cloud-platform increases the speed and accuracy of analyzing medical images. To train AI models, you point out what you look for, the platform does the rest. Detect subtle changes, increase consistency and produce quantitative data starting today.
Session Time: Sunday, November 10 -- 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Session Description: Hands-on AI workshop: You will train your own AI model, live on ‘Aiforia Create’. Bring your laptop & mouse to learn how to annotate, train, and test neural networks. This will be run as a friendly competition. The lowest error rate walks away with a prize and bragging rights

Learner Objectives:
1) Develop a road map for implementation of Deep Learning solutions for your Digital Pathology workflow;
2) Identify a deep understanding for the importance of ‘high quality, not high quantity’ of training data;
3) Describe how to structure algorithms; and
4) Define your own Deep Learning Neural Network, Live, On the Premises.


Hosted-Session: What's New in IHC and ISH? New Multiplexing Technologies Enable Innovative Experiments
Company Name:  Roche Tissue Diagnostics
Company Profile: Roche offers DISCOVERY ULTRA instrument that provides the highest level of protocol flexibility for the most challenging assays and for rapid assay development. The thirty independent slide drawers allow for brightfield/immunofluorescence capabilities.
Session Time: Monday, November 11 -- 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.

Session DescriptionRecent advances in immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization (ISH) detection chemistries have enabled new experimental approaches.  It is now possible to detect multiple epitopes on a single slide with IHC, ISH and FISH, gene and protein IHC/ISH, mRNA or microRNA ISH.  These multiplexed approaches increase the amount of information produced in a single experiment.

Learner Objectives:
1) Describe multimer, hapten and amplification detection technologies;
2) Describe new chromogenic stains for co-localization;
3) Identify multiplexed chromogenic and fluorescent stains made possible by tyramide chemistry;
4) Describe gene and protein staining of FFPE tissues on the same slide; and
5) Identify detection of single copy RNA with RNAscope / BASEscope probes from ACD.


Exhibitors at the 2019 Annual Meeting

Plan time in your schedule to visit the exhibit area at the Annual Meeting in Salon K.  Thank you to the following exhibiting companies this year!

ACCU-Scope Inc.
American College of Veterinary Pathologists
Aiforia, Inc.
Akoya Biosciences
Aquaro Histology
Autoscribe Informatics Inc.
Bradley Products Inc.
Charles River Laboratories
Healthpac Computer Systems - Billing & Scheduling Software
Indica Labs, Inc.
MedTech International Group
Morris Animal Foundation
Motic Instruments Inc. USA
New River VDL
Olympus America Inc.
Orchard Software Company
Poly Scientific R & D Corp.
Radiometer America
SAGE Publishing
Veterinary Biomarkers, Inc.


Exhibit at the 2019 ACVP and ASVCP Concurrent Annual Meeting

November 9-13, San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter Hotel
San Antonio, Texas

Detailed information and the Contract Application can be found here.

Exhibitor/Sponsor Hosted Sessions

Exhibitor/Sponsor Hosted Sessions are commercially supported educational sessions held in conjunction with the ACVP Annual Meeting. Choose to reach our audience of attendees by offering an educational session.  The fee for an Exhibitor/Sponsor Hosted Session time slot is $2,500.  However, if you choose to exhibit, the Exhibitor/Sponsor Hosted Session will be discounted to $1,500. Detailed pricing and an application are available here.

Questions about the hosted sessions?  Contact Jane Shepard at meetings@acvp.org or at +1-608-443-2466, ext. 137.


2019 Corporate Partner Opportunities

  • Sponsor an educational session or a social event
  • Underwrite attendee badges or another meeting materials and promote your brand 
  • Provide general support for the Annual Meeting or target a gift to benefit residents & veterinary students

Recognition can include signage, publications, logo visibility, recognition at the podium, the mobile app, and more.  

A variety of opportunities are available at different price points. 

Information about sponsorship advantages is located here.

• Gain exposure to over 900 diagnosticians, educators, and researchers specializing in comparative and veterinary pathology.

• Increase your name recognition to the veterinary pathology community.

• 70% of attendees are involved in the decision-making process for purchasing equipment, products, or services for their programs. 

• Enhance your visibility in meeting publications and in Veterinary Pathology (the ACVP journal) and the ACVP newsletter.

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Amy Overby, ACVP Executive Director, at aoverby@acvp.org or +1-608-443-2466, ext. 149.

The ACVP/ASVCP Concurrent Annual Meetings are a unique convergence of veterinary pathologists and other biomedical professionals from all around the world. A blend of educational sessions, social events, career networking, and the exhibit area draw a consistently growing attendance of pharmaceutical scientists, diagnosticians, researchers, academics, and top business managers. The Annual Meeting is a central part of the veterinary pathology community’s efforts to maintain professional competency. Attendees come to learn what’s new in science, as well as in products and services that help them at their work.

The Exhibitor Showcase offers an unmatched opportunity for suppliers to reach the broad market serving our members. The restricted number of booths ensures that exhibitors don’t get lost in a crowd of competitors. Social events held in the exhibit area facilitate maximum traffic flow.

The 2019 Annual Meeting is scheduled for the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter Hotel in San Antonio, Texas on November 9-13.

• Reach the largest audience of veterinary pathologists and veterinary clinical pathologists in one place at one time.

• Meet with attendees during unopposed time at an opening reception, refreshment breaks, and poster sessions held in the exhibit area.

• Make contacts at the trade show in an economical and effective way.

 The American College of Veterinary Pathologists

• International organization for individuals specializing in veterinary and comparative pathology.

• Committed to fostering excellence in veterinary pathology to protect and improve animal, human, and environmental health to benefit society.

• 2,200 members, or Diplomates, reside in 25 countries and have all passed the certifying examination in veterinary anatomic and/or clinical pathology.

• All ACVP members have completed a degree in veterinary medicine and at least three years of post-veterinary school training.

• Many specialize with doctorates in toxicology, molecular biology, or other scientific fields.

• Diplomates work in academia, diagnostic labs, industry, or state or federal government agencies carrying out a diverse range of activities.



The American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology

• Dedicated to the promotion of scientific advancement, education, and standards in veterinary laboratory medicine.

• 600 members include veterinary clinical pathologists and trainees, medical technologists, specialty veterinarians, and diagnosticians in veterinary and medical schools, biomedical and pharmaceutical companies, diagnostic and government laboratories, and private veterinary practices throughout the United States and in 19 countries worldwide.

• Dedicated to the promotion of scientific advancement, education, and standards in veterinary laboratory medicine.

Annual Meeting Attendance

2018 Annual Meeting, Washington, DC -- 1,092 attendees
2017 Annual Meeting, Vancouver, British Columbia -- 983 attendees
2016 Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana -- 1,081 attendees
2015 Annual Meeting*, Minneapolis, Minnesota -- 1,340 attendees
2014 Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia -- 943 attendees
2013 Annual Meeting, Montréal, Québec -- 882 attendees
2012 Annual Meeting, Seattle, Washington -- 1,032 attendees

*Combined meeting with the Society for Toxicologic Pathology (STP)

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