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If you’re interested in helping the people of San Antonio (and enjoying some fun in a productive environment with colleagues and friends), register for the CO-Act event when you complete your conference registration form.  There is no fee to participate (i.e. it’s FREE)!  To help us organize appropriately however, it is important we are aware of the number of volunteers so please sign up.

The charity this year is the National Veterans OutreachThe American GI Forum National Veterans Outreach Program, Inc. (NVOP) currently serves veterans with employment and training services in the four general metropolitan areas of San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and El Paso, Texas.  Job opportunities for the disabled and weatherization services for low income residents are provided in San Antonio and the surrounding 12 counties designated the “Alamo Area”.

If you are unable to participate, please consider supporting the activity with a tax-deductible donation. Tax-deductible donations are welcome from those participating in the event as well.  

To learn more about the organization with whom ACVP is partnering, visit Clean the World.  Check out this story on CNN.


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