2019 Annual Meeting
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Congratulations to the Following 2019 Annual Meeting Abstract Award Recipients!
These awards were announced on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at the ACVP Recognition and Awards Event in San Antonio.

ACVP/AAVLD Diagnostic Pathology Travel Award

Characterization of Neuropathologic Lesions Associated with Avian Reovirus Infection in Commercial Broiler Chickens
Tzushan Yang, Mississippi State University

ACVP Young Investigator Awards

Diagnostic Pathology

First Place: DY-10: Pathological and Flow Cytometric Features of a Case of Canine Lymphangiosarcoma Carolina Azevedo, Texas A&M University


Second Place: DY-02: Characterization of Neuropathologic Lesions Associated with Avian Reovirus Infection in Commercial Broiler Chickens

Tzushan Yang, Mississippi State University


Third Place: DY-41: Morphologic Characterization of Nasopharyngeal Cicatrix Syndrome in Ten Horses Brianne Taylor, Texas A&M University


Experimental Disease and Industrial & Toxicologic Pathology

First Place: EY-54: Age-Related Differences in the Pathogenesis of Clade H5N2 HPAIV in Commercial Broad Breasted White Turkeys

Silvia Carnaccini, University of Georgia


Second Place: EY-44: Requirement of Sterol Regulatory Element-Binding Protein Pathway in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma

Stephanie Myers, Johns Hopkins University


Third Place: TY-64: The Effect of Glutathione on Itraconazole-Associated Hepatocyte Toxicity in an In Vitro Canine Model

Natalie Kirk, University of Illinois, Champaign


Natural Disease

First Place: NY-69: A Subset of Equine Gastric Squamous Cell Carcinomas are Associated with Equus caballus Papillomavirus 2

Elizabeth Alloway, North Carolina State University


Second Place: NY-86: Histologic Characterization of the Major Duodenal Papilla of Cats and Correlation to the Incidence of Concurrent Hepatic, Pancreatic, and Intestinal Inflammation and Neoplasia

Megan Schreeg, North Carolina State University


Third Place: NY-88: Mechanisms of Tumorigenesis and Immune Tolerance in Canine Melanoma

Valentina Stevenson, Virginia Tech


Pathology of Wildlife and Zoo Animals Travel Award


Pathologic Changes Associated with Respiratory Compromise and Morbidity Due to Massive Interlamellar Henneguya Exilis Infection in Channel X Blue Hybrid Catfish 

Justin Stilwell, University of Georgia


Society of Toxicologic Pathology Student and Resident Poster Award


EY-59: The Potential Use of Biological Products for the Alleviation of Neuron Inflammation in the Feline Model of Gangliosidosis

Maria Naskou, Auburn University


Veterinary Student Poster Awards

Clinical Cases

First Place: SP-37: Specific In Situ Detection of Trypanosoma cruzi in Chagas Disease 
Anna K. Blick, Texas A&M University

Second Place: SP-55: Genetic Diversity of Amdoparvoviruses in Striped Skunks (Mephitis mephitis) and Demonstration in Tissue By In Situ Hybridization 
Maya S. Schlesinger, University of California, Davis

Third Place: SP-48: Cutaneous and Subcutaneous Lymphohistiocytic Nodules in Dogs

Alea Agrawal, University of Pennsylvania


Experimental Disease

First Place: SP-57:  Injection Site Reactions Following Administration of Sustained Release Meloxicam in Three Strains of Mice: BALB/CJ, C57BL6/J, and ICR(CD1) 
Stephanie Fuetsch, University of California, Davis

Second Place: SP-27: Microrna Expression as a Diagnostic Tool for Urothelial Carcinoma in Canine Urine Sediment 
Cecilia E. Silva, Purdue University

Third Place: SP-26: Histopathology of Rat Vocal Folds Following Systemic Dehydration
Adrianne R. Glaser, Purdue University


2019 Annual Meeting Schedule-at-a-Glance




We ask that attendees familiarize themselves with the following policies prior to attending the Annual Meeting:

ACVP Code of Professional Ethics

Code of Conduct Policy

Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Policy


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Policies for Photography, Audiovisual Recording, and Social Media

The members of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP) and the American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology (ASVCP) are committed to the advancement and open sharing of scientific knowledge and also recognize a fundamental responsibility to prevent the unauthorized use of proprietary, preliminary, or unpublished information shared by speakers.  To promote open scientific communication while respecting the rights and intellectual property of presenters and their institutions, the ACVP Council has adopted the following policies regarding the use of photography and social media during the ACVP and ASVCP Concurrent Annual Meeting on November 9-13, 2019

Flash photography is prohibited.  Non-flash photographs may be taken during oral or poster presentations for non-commercial personal use only, unless prohibited by the speaker, and may NOT be published in any form.  Distraction to presenters and audience members must be minimized when capturing images.

Audiovisual recording
Audio or video recording of sessions by means of any device (e.g. cell phones/PDAs, laptops, cameras, etc.) is prohibited.  

Social Media
Attendees may post information from sessions on social media in a professional manner but are expected to respect the wishes of presenters.  Information or images from presentation slides marked “DO NOT POST” may NOT be shared on social media in any form.  Information on posters may NOT be posted to social media unless permission is granted by the corresponding author/presenter.

Thank you for adhering to these professional standards.  These policies will be evaluated and updated annually by ACVP and ASVCP leadership. Additional questions or concerns may be directed to: meetings@acvp.org.


Education Committee

Education Committee Chair: Christiane Löhr, DVM, PhD*
2019 Program Chair: Lauri Diehl, DVM, PhD*
ASVCP Program Chair: Tina Meichner, DVM*
Past Program Chair: Erin Brannick, DVM, MS*
2020 Program Chair: Christiane Löhr, DVM, PhD*
2021 Program Chair: Heather S. Tillman, DVM, PhD*
Exhibits Liaison: Kirstin Barnhart, DVM, PhD*
Focused Scientific Group Chair: Ingeborg Langohr, DVM, PhD*
Focused Scientific Group Co-Chair:  David Rotstein, DVM, PhD*
Abstract Awards Chair:  David Rotstein, DVM, PhD*
Special Liaison in Charge of the Emerging Disease Session: A. Sally Davis, DVM, PhD*
ACVP Council Liaison: Kirstin Barnhart, DVM, PhD*

Sanjeev Gumber, BVSc, MVSc, PhD*
Laura Janke, DVM, PhD*
Tanya LeRoith, DVM, PhD*
Josh Webster, DVM, PhD*

*Diplomate, ACVP

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