2018 Annual Meeting
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2018 ACVP and ASVCP Concurrent Annual Meeting
November 3-7
Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington, DC

Notice: Daylight savings time ends at 2:00 am on Sunday, November 4
Turn back your clock by one hour!

2018 Annual Meeting Resources:
(all are available on the mobile app)

--ACVP and ASVCP Final Program
Download the final program or access it on the mobile app. 


--Scientific Grid

--Speaker Proceedings
If a speaker has provided an outline or brief abstract of their presentation, it is contained in the Proceedings.  You can access the Proceedings on the mobile app or at the Proceedings site.

--ACVP and ASVCP Abstracts
--includes platform presentations and posters 
--veterinary student posters 
--late-breaking posters

--ACVP Business Meeting Book

--ACVP Code of Conduct Policy

--VSR Forum Book

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Education Committee

Program Chair: Erin Brannick, DVM, MS*
Education Committee Chair: Lauri Diehl, DVM, PhD*
ASVCP Program Chair: Tina Meichner, DVM*
Past Program Chair: David Meyerholz, DVM, PhD*
Exhibits Liaison: Kirstin Barnhart, DVM, PhD*
Focused Scientific Group Chair: Christiane Löhr, DVM, PhD*
Focused Scientific Group Co-Chair: Ingeborg Langohr, DVM, PhD*
Abstract Awards Chair: Ingeborg Langohr, DVM, PhD*
Special Liaison in Charge of the Emerging Disease Session: Schantel A. Bouknight, DVM, PhD*
ACVP Council Liaison: Kirstin Barnhart, DVM, PhD*

    Sanjeev Gumber, BVSc, MVSc, PhD*
    Daniel Rissi, DVM, PhD*
    Heather Tillman, DVM, PhD*
    Josh Webster, DVM, PhD*

Education Committee Advisory Group
Corporate Partners Liaison: Mark Evans, DVM, PhD*
IEPC Liaison: Tim LaBranche, DVM, PhD*
STP: Kevin McDorman, DVM, PhD*
Website, Newsletter, and Social Media: Jessica Grieves, DVM, PhD*

Education Committee Special Interest Groups
ACVP/STP Coalition: Gary Cockerell, DVM, PhD*
C.L. Davis Foundation: Bruce Williams, DVM*
Mouse Pathology Consortium: Sue E. Knoblaugh, DVM*
Primate Pathology Workshop: J. Mark Cline, DVM, PhD*

*ACVP Diplomate

ASVCP Program Committee

Chair: Kristina Meichner, DVM*

Paula Krimer, DVM
Cindy Fishman, VMD, PhD*
Bruce LeRoy, DVM, PhD*
Janelle Renschler, DVM, PhD*
Nicole Rosen, MT(ASCP)
Julie Webb, DVM*
Laura Snyder, DVM* (Executive Board Liaison)

Focused Scientific Committees
Focused Scientific Chair: Christiane Loehr*
Focused Scientific Awards Chair: Inge Langohr*

Clinical Pathology
Chair: Julie Webb*
Shawn Clark*
Mike Fry*
Niraj Tripathi*
Catherine Wagg*
Valerie Wong*
Katie Wycislo*

Diagnostic Pathology
Chair: Eric Burrough*
Rachel Derscheid*
Aline Rodrigues Hoffman* (Co-Chair)
Laura Kennedy* (Past Chair)
Fabiano Oliveira*
Heindrich Snyman*
Arnaud Van Wettere*

Chair: Rachel Mo-Peters*
Ana Alcaraz*
Bhupinder Bawa*
Melinda Camus*
Phaedra Cole*
Abigail Durkes*
Kevin Keel*
Mee-Ja Sula* (Co-Chair)
Kathryn Wycislo*

Experimental Disease
Chair: Sanjeev Gumber*
Laura Baseler* (Past Chair)
Oded Foreman* (Co-Chair)
Stephanie Montgomery*
Sara Santagostino*
Manu Sebastian*
Joshua Webster*

Industrial & Toxicologic Pathology
Chair: Kyathanashalli Janardhan*
Marie Bockenstedt*
Gary Cain*
Shambhunath Choudhary*
Curtis Colleton*
Kris Helke*
Robert Johnson*
Katherine Knostman* (Co-Chair)
Gopi Palanisamy* (Past Chair)

Natural Disease
Chair: Dan Rissi*
Pompei Bolfa*
Julie Engiles*
Angela Pilazki* (Co-Chair)
Simon Priestnall*
Francisco Uzal* (Past Chair)

*ACVP Diplomate

Veterinary Student Poster Committee
Chair: David Rotstein*
Curtis Cline*
Katherine Gibson Corley*
Abby Durkes*
William Huckle*
Tanya LeRoith*
Mee-Ja Marie*
Alicia Olivier* 
Jason Thornton*
Mandy Fales-Williams*    

Late-Breaking Abstracts

David K. Meyerholz, DVM, PhD*, Chair

Amanda P. Beck, DVM*

Heather A. Flaherty, DVM*

Mark J. Hoenerhoff, DVM, PhD, FIATP*


*ACVP Diplomate

Policies for Photography, Audiovisual Recording, and Social Media

The members of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP) and the American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology (ASVCP) are committed to the advancement and open sharing of scientific knowledge and also recognize a fundamental responsibility to prevent the unauthorized use of proprietary, preliminary, or unpublished information shared by speakers.  To promote open scientific communication while respecting the rights and intellectual property of presenters and their institutions, the ACVP Council has adopted the following policies regarding the use of photography and social media during the ACVP and ASVCP Concurrent Annual Meeting on November 3-7, 2018:

Flash photography is prohibited.  Non-flash photographs may be taken during oral or poster presentations for non-commercial personal use only, unless prohibited by the speaker, and may NOT be published in any form.  Distraction to presenters and audience members must be minimized when capturing images.

Audiovisual recording
Audio or video recording of sessions by means of any device (e.g. cell phones/PDAs, laptops, cameras, etc.) is prohibited.  

Social Media
Attendees may post information from sessions on social media in a professional manner but are expected to respect the wishes of presenters.  Information or images from presentation slides marked “DO NOT POST” may NOT be shared on social media in any form.  Information on posters may NOT be posted to social media unless permission is granted by the corresponding author/presenter.

Thank you for adhering to these professional standards.  These policies will be evaluated and updated annually by ACVP and ASVCP leadership. Additional questions or concerns may be directed to: meetings@acvp.org.

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