Speakers (Invited) - Proceedings Contribution Guidelines
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Invited speakers at the 2017 Annual Meeting are asked to provide an extended abstract/paper of their presentation by August 31, 2017.  Speakers are asked to upload it into the ACVP submission system and instructions have been provided by email.  (This does not apply to abstract presenters.)

Proceedings contributions will be available two weeks prior to the meeting on the ACVP website and on the meeting mobile app (www.acvp.org). Attendees will be able to download the contribution as they plan their schedule for the meeting.

The Proceedings contribution should be formatted as a pdf document.

  • 2-10 pages
  • Standard font (e.g., Helvetica, Arial, Times New Roman)
  • Readable type size (10-12 point type suggested)
  • 1” margins suggested
  • For symbols such as the ones used for alpha, beta, and mu, please use your computer’s symbols font or spell it out.
  • Use “superscript” text for the endnotes (numbers) within the body of your text.
  • Your reference listings should be numbered.
  • In your paper header, please include the title of the paper, your full name, degrees, affiliation, and location.  Your e-mail address is optional.

Prior to the submission, please proof the paper.

Originally written material is preferred over a reprint.  If using a reprinted review paper, it must be directly related to the presentation. 

If using an article, speakers must obtain permission from the journal in which it was reprinted.  ACVP will not pay for any reprint fees.  Please send a copy of the permission to reprint approval to Jane Shepard (meetings@acvp.org).  Place the appropriate reprint statement at the bottom of the proceedings contribution.

Include references and websites where applicable.

Speakers can include PowerPoint slides as a supporting document (in a pdf format), but only if they provide sufficient detail to adequately cover the topic. If PowerPoint slides are provided, do not include any images or figures that are not your own, unpublished works unless you have obtained the proper permission and the images/figures are properly cited:

For a published image/figure from a book, article, etc., speakers must obtain permission from the publisher (see point number 2). Speakers should obtain permission from the publisher even if you are using images/figures from your own publications. Provide first author, source title and year or a full citation.

For unpublished images/figures provided by a colleague, obtain written permission of the author verifying that the image/figure is theirs, that it is unpublished, and that he/she has given you permission to include it in the proceedings. Cite as Courtesy of Name, Institution, City/State.

For images/figures ‘published’ on a web page, not as part of a journal article, book chapter, course material, etc.: URL of item OR however the site asks you to use as a citation. Consider the title of the webpage as well.

ACVP will not copy any handouts on site. 

The proceedings contribution will also be included in an online Conference Proceedings hosted by the non-profit organization, International Veterinary Information Service (www.ivis.org).  It will be made available to all ACVP and ASVCP members in February 2018.

Contact Jane Shepard at meetings@acvp.org.


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