2017 Annual Meeting
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Hear from Dave Meyerholz, 2017 Program Chair, about the Annual Meeting in Vancouver.


The American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP) and American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology (ASVCP) invite you to attend the 2017 Concurrent Annual Meeting! This meeting will be held November 4-8 at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Take this opportunity to network, collaborate, share, and discuss common scientific interests with your colleagues from three esteemed professional organizations. The program will include a mix of joint and separate curricula, including scientific sessions, poster presentations, workshops, career development, receptions, and other events.

More program information will be available in the coming months.  In the meantime, mark your calendars!

Policies for Photography, Audiovisual Recording, and Social Media

The members of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP) and the American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology (ASVCP) are committed to the advancement and open sharing of scientific knowledge and also recognize a fundamental responsibility to prevent the unauthorized use of proprietary, preliminary, or unpublished information shared by speakers.  To promote open scientific communication while respecting the rights and intellectual property of presenters and their institutions, the ACVP Council has adopted the following policies regarding the use of photography and social media during the ACVP and ASVCP Concurrent Annual Meeting on November 4-8, 2017:

Flash photography is prohibited.  Non-flash photographs may be taken during oral or poster presentations for non-commercial personal use only, unless prohibited by the speaker, and may NOT be published in any form.  Distraction to presenters and audience members must be minimized when capturing images.

Audiovisual recording
Audio or video recording of sessions by means of any device (e.g. cell phones/PDAs, laptops, cameras, etc.) is prohibited.  

Social Media
Attendees may post information from sessions on social media in a professional manner but are expected to respect the wishes of presenters.  Information or images from presentation slides marked “DO NOT POST” may NOT be shared on social media in any form.  Information on posters may NOT be posted to social media unless permission is granted by the corresponding author/presenter.

Thank you for adhering to these professional standards.  These policies will be evaluated and updated annually by ACVP and ASVCP leadership. Additional questions or concerns may be directed to: meetings@acvp.org.

Education Committee
Program Chair: David Meyerholz, DVM, PhD*
Education Committee Chair: Erin Brannick, DVM, PhD*
ASVCP Program Chair: Laura Snyder, DVM*
2018 ASVCP Program Chair: Kristina Meichner, DVM*
2018 Education Committee Chair: Lauri Diehl, DVM, PhD*
Exhibits Liaison: Kirstin Barnhart, DVM, PhD*
Focused Scientific Group Chair: Christiane Löhr, DVM, PhD*
Focused Scientific Group Co-Chair: Ingeborg Langohr, DVM, PhD*
Abstract Awards Chair: Ingeborg Langohr, DVM, PhD*
Special Liaison in Charge of the Emerging Disease Session: Schantel A. Bouknight, DVM, PhD*
ACVP Council Liaison: Kirstin Barnhart, DVM, PhD*
Past Program Chair: Alicia Olivier, DVM, PhD*

     Kristi Helke, DVM, PhD*
     Mac Law, DVM, PhD*
     Daniel Rissi, DVM, PhD*
     Heather Tillman, DVM, PhD*

Education Committee Advisory Group
Corporate Partners Liaison: Mark Evans, DVM, PhD*
IEPC Liaison: Tim LaBranche, DVM, PhD*
STP: Kevin McDorman, DVM, PhD*
Website, Newsletter, and Social Media: Jessica Grieves, DVM, PhD*

Education Committee Special Interest Groups
ACVP/STP Coalition: Gary Cockerell, DVM, PhD*
C.L. Davis Foundation: Bruce Williams, DVM*
ITPIG Liaison: Kendall Frazier, DVM, PhD*
Mouse Pathology Consortium: Piper Treuting, DVM* and Kelli Boyd, DVM, PhD*
Primate Pathology Workshop: J. Mark Cline, DVM, PhD*

ASVCP Program Committee
Laura Snyder, DVM, PhD*, Chair
Tina Meichner, DVM, DECVIM*, Chair-elect 
Cindy Fishman, VMD, PhD*
Bruce LeRoy, DVM, PhD*
Janelle Renschler, DVM, PhD*
Nicole Rosen, MT(ASCP)
Kurt Zimmerman, DVM, PhD*
Sharon Dial, DVM, PhD* (Executive Board Liaison)

*ACVP Diplomate

Focused Scientific Groups

Focused Scientific Group Co-Chair
Christiane Löhr, DVM, PhD*

Focused Scientific Group Co-Chair and Awards Chair
Ingeborg Langohr, DVM, PhD*

Clinical Pathology
Kurt Zimmerman, DVM, PhD*, Chair
Erica Behling-Kelly, DVM, PhD*
Shawn Clark, DVM*
Sara L. Connolly, MS, DVM
Michael Fry,  DVM*
Niraj K. Tripathi, DVM*
Catherine Wagg, DVM*

Diagnostic Pathology
Laura Kennedy, DVM*, Chair
David S. Rotstein, DVM, MPVM* (Past Chair)
Eric Burrough, DVM, PhD* (Co-Chair)
Rachel Derscheid, DVM, PhD*
Aline Rodrigues Hoffmann, DVM, PhD*
Fabiano Oliveira, MS, DVM*
Heindrich Snyman, DVM*

Melinda Camus, DVM*, Chair
K. Paige Carmichael, DVM, PhD* (Past Chair)
Mee-Ja Sula, DVM*
Rachel Mo-Peters, DVM
Kevin Keel, DVM, PhD*

Experimental Disease
Laura Baseler, DVM, PhD*, Chair
Laura Janke, DVM, PhD* (Past Chair)
Sanjeev Gumber, DVM* (Co-Chair)
Oded Foreman, DVM*
Stephanie Montgomery, DVM, PhD*
Sara Santagostino, DVM, PhD*
Manu Sebastian, DVM, PhD*

Industrial and Toxicologic Pathology
Gopinath S. Palaisamy, MVSc, PhD* (Chair)
Torrie Crabbs, DVM* (Past Chair)
Marie Bockenstedt, DVM*
Gary Cain, DVM, PhD*
Curtis Colleton, DVM*
Kris Helke, DVM, PhD*
Kyathanahalli Janardhan, BVSc, PhD*
Robert Johnson, DVM, PhD*
Katherine A. Knostman, DVM, PhD*

Natural Disease
Francisco Uzal, DVM, PhD*, Chair
Gary Haldorson, DVM, PhD* (Past Chair)
Dan Rissi, DVM, PhD* (Co-Chair)
Pompei Bolfa, DVM*
Julie Engiles, DVM, PhD*
Heather Fenton, DVM*
Angela Pillatzki, DVM*

Veterinary Student Abstracts
David Rotstein, DVM, MPVM*, Chair
Erin Ball, DVM*
Linden Craig, DVM, PhD*
Abigail Durkes, DVM*
Mandy Fales-Williams, DVM, PhD*
Katherine Gibson-Corley, DVM, PhD*
M. Kelly Keating, DVM*
Tanya LeRoith, DVM, PhD*
Alicia Olivier, DVM, PhD*
Mee Ja Sula, DVM*

Late-Breaking Abstracts
David K. Meyerholz, DVM, PhD*, Chair
Amanda P. Beck, DVM*
Elizabeth A. Driskell, DVM, PhD*
Heather Flaherty, DVM*

*ACVP Diplomate



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