Wake Forest University School of Medicine
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Organization/Company: Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Location: Winston-Salem, NC

Website: http://www.wakehealth.edu/School/Comparative-Medicine/

Pathology Environment: We have many primates (macaques and vervets), also many other species but no large ones (horses or cows)

Discipline/Field of Study: Anatomic

Length of Externship: 4 weeks

Time of Year: Can be arranged pretty much anytime, but we have a summer veterinary student program we try to work around

Funding: No

Housing Provided: No

Description of Externship:

We take externs in anatomic pathology and laboratory animal medicine. We try to organize an appropriate project for the extern to work on with a mentor, but the externs are also encouraged to take part in any diagnostic necropsies of interest. To apply, we ask for a letter of intent, the names of three references we can contact, copies of a resume/CV and transcripts. We can't take anyone for less three weeks and actually prefer four weeks. There are a number of official hoops that have to be jumped to bring anyone in, which we have no control over. The applicants have to have a background check and do a drug test, complete some learning modules on line, and if they are to work with nonhuman primates, have to be tuberculosis tested (one test if they are already current and a two step test if not).

Nancy D. Kock DVM PhD DACVP
Professor of Pathology/Comparative Medicine
Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Medical Center Boulevard
Winston-Salem, NC  27157-1040


Updated: 6/12/2017

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