Joint Pathology Center
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Organization/Company: Joint Pathology Center

Location: Silver Spring, MD


Pathology Environment: Government Laboratory

Discipline/Field of Study:

Length of Externship: 3-6 weeks (3rd – 4th year student)

Time of Year: September - May

Funding: No

Housing Provided: Not provided by institution. Average cost of lodging in the area: $60-$100/day.

Description of Externship:

Externship Requirements: 
Interested students should contact MAJ Erin Ball (see below). Due to space/microscope limitations, we are only able to accept 2 externs at any time. U.S. students must possess a valid U.S. driver’s license and must submit a visitor access form 1 week prior to arrival. International students must possess a valid passport and complete a visitor access form 2-4 weeks prior to arrival.

Description of Externship:
Externs attend all of the weekly scheduled training and participate in any additional training that might be added to the schedule during their visit, including systemics, general pathology/clinical pathology seminar, Wednesday slide conference, gross pathology, journal club and sign-out rounds. Depending on the length of their rotation, externs may also be assigned a systemic to present to the staff and residents. Students will also work through diagnostic cases and study materials independently, including biopsies, cytologies and full necropsy cases. In general, a necropsy case is a full complement of tissues taken from a military working dog. Tissues may have age-related and/or pathologic changes. Externs will be expected to work at their microscope; become familiar with normal tissues; describe the pathologic changes; and write up the case with a synopsis of the pathologic findings. Externs may also be expected to work up and describe a surgical biopsy case to the group during our daily sign out rounds. Finally, externs will have the (optional) opportunity to accompany residents performing necropsies at the Maryland State Diagnostic Lab and (upon invitation) to attend necropsies at the National Zoological Park. September through May is the best time for externships because we have a break from formal training in the summer.

Program Coordinators and Emails:
MAJ Erin Ball: 
LTC Taylor Chance: 
LTC Tony Alves:


Updated: 7/30/16

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