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The ACVP certifying examination is a two-phase process that candidates must pass in order to be certified as Diplomates in either veterinary anatomic or clinical pathology.  This portion of the website details information specific to the content or taking of the individual examinations (Phase I and Phase II).  Information relevant to both phases of the examination, including announcements, definitions, eligibility criteria, applications and outcomes can be found under the “Administrative” portion of the website.

The content for the certifying examinations is based on the results of Job Task Analyses (JTA) for Clinical Pathology and Anatomic Pathology conducted in 2016 and approved by ACVP Council in 2017.  The final product of each JTA is a blueprint (key tasks and species, organ system and process/topic breakdowns) used for mapping Certifying Examination content (including the 2017 Phase II Exam in Tampa and the 2018 Phase I Exam).  The Blueprint documents and JTAs for AP and CP are at the links below.  

Job Task Analysis Clinical Pathology Blueprint

Job Task Analysis Anatomic Pathology Blueprint 

Job Task Analysis Clinical Pathology

Job Task Analysis Anatomic Pathology

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