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 Application Deadline for 2018 Phase I Examination

 October 15, 2017

 Application Deadline for 2018 Phase II Examination

 January 31, 2018

Click here to apply for the 2018 Phase I Examination - Deadline is October 15, 2017

2018 Phase II Examination Application - Will open in early December 2017

Application Steps:

  1. Click the link above to navigate to the form and fill out all required information (including uploading the required documentation). Click submit.
  2. If prompted, on the next page, choose Continue as Guest
  3. Fill out and complete the payment page to complete your application submission.  


Terms of Agreement for Admission to the Examinations (PDF)

Sponsor Verification Form (PDF)

Test Accommodations Request Form (PDF)

ADA Requests (PDF)


Application Process for All Examinations

  • Once an application is received, an email message acknowledging receipt of the application will be sent to the applicant and Sponsor.  This message does not constitute acceptance to sit the examination.  The Sponsor will be requested to respond to this message to confirm sponsorship.
  • A recommendation for acceptance, provisional acceptance, or rejection to sit the examination is made by the Secretary/Treasurer and the Credentialing Committee and is reviewed and approved by ACVP Council.  A message from the ACVP Executive Office indicating acceptance, provisional acceptance or rejection will follow ACVP Council review.
  • If the applicant's credentials are not accepted, or if a candidate's request to withdraw from the examination is received by February 6 (for Phase I) or April 20 (for Phase II), fees are refunded, except for a processing charge.  No withdrawal refunds are made after this date and no fees may be carried over to apply in subsequent years.
  • If a candidate applies for both the Phase I and Phase II examinations and fails the Phase I examination, they automatically will receive a full refund for the Phase II examination. No request for withdrawal from the Phase II examination is necessary for these candidates.
  • Withdrawal prior to the examination, or failure to appear for the examination, will not constitute an attempt to sit the examination.  A candidate's illness during preparation for, or during the actual examination, will not be considered a valid reason to waive the rules of the College. In the event a candidate starts, but is unable to complete the examination, results will be reported and will constitute an attempt to sit the examination.
  • Individual candidates will be identified only by the unique Identification Numbers assigned them by the ACVP office at the time they apply until the results of the examination are approved by the ACVP Council.
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