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IPadmini generation of the screen, processor, and other aspects of iPadAir, the only difference is the screen size, iPadAir 9.7 inches, while iPadmini of 7.9 inches.Yesterday, Apple also introduced two MacBookPro, price $ 1299, the $ 200 cheaper than in the past£ĴApple has recently released a new iPad, whereas before, Apple will "show a variety of iPad features" as conference matters one point. Apple claims, from work to entertainment to sports training and then to the mountains and rest, Apple's tablet computer at any one scene to help any one person to do any one thing.But its competitors do not see it. Since Microsoft released Surface Tablet PC, people do not consciously it with Apple's iPad comparison, also pointing to "Surface Tablet optional keyboard type capping" and "built-in Office software" These make Microsoft more prominent brands characteristics, be criticized on the iPad.With the new Tablet PC releases and provided free of charge for all iWork and iLife software, Apple has dealt with some criticism. However, its quirky name convention so I believe Apple has not yet finished.

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Apple also introduced a new MacbookPro laptop and MacPro workstation, and launched a new Mac desktop operating system Mavericks. It is worth mentioning that Apple began managing desktop operating system Mavericks for a free upgrade, MacPro workstation will also be listed at the end of iWork, and other applications software free of charge, competitive price hundreds of dollars directed at Microsoft's "Windows "operating system and its Office productivity software.

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Apple in San Francisco announced the fifth generation iPad - iPadAir, as well as a new generation of iPadmini MacBookPro laptop. In fact, in advance of the release of the new spoilers, and the lack of bright, unique novelty lighter and thinner are concentrated in the top of the fifth-generation iPad.Apple's fifth-generation iPad named iPadAir, the continuation of the previous four generations of products 9.7-inch screen size, lighter and thinner. iPadAir uses Retinia Retina Display, A7 processor, and uses the same and iPadmini narrow border design£ĴApple will be in August 2013 to September 5th generation of high-volume production of iPad, since the beginning of 2013, the printing has been rumored, iPad 5 will use the narrow frame design, will be enlarged version of the iPad mini. iPad 5 will be more light, thin, iPad 4 thinner than the thickness of about 15%, by weight of 25% -33% should be light. The reason is because there is news that the new iPad in just a light-emitting diode backlight, less than half of the fourth generation, not only to reduce weight, will also reduce power consumption, thus reducing the demand on battery power.

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