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Minneapolis, MN

2015 ACVP/ASVCP/STP Joint Annual Meeting with STP

Join us October 17-21, 2015, in Minneapolis, MN

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Fostering excellence in veterinary pathology, to protect and improve animal, human and environmental health, since 1949


Fostering excellence in veterinary pathology, to protect and improve animal, human and environmental health for the betterment of society, since 1949.

The American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP) is an organization of board-certified scientists that has been setting the standard for veterinary pathology since 1949. By promoting excellence in veterinary pathology, ACVP improves and protects human and animal health for the betterment of society.

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Contributions to ACVP support advancing our profession through encouraging faculty, recruiting the best and brightest students, and continuing to strengthen training programs so that veterinary pathology is recognized as a key partner in the biomedical community.

The funds held by ACVP support extern scholarships, student chapter travel awards, fellowships, a mid-career excellence award and travel awards for residents and graduate students.

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Gifts of any size to ACVP are are welcome and tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

From the Journal

Veterinary Pathology JournalVeterinary Pathology is the official journal of the ACVP. It is a forum for original observations on the pathology of natural and experimental disease in animals, and animal models of human disease – all helping to further scientific knowledge of veterinary pathology. The Journal has worldwide distribution and welcomes manuscript submission by all scientists.

Examination Changes

More information on the Exam is available here.

New: 2015 Phase 1 Exam - Thursday, March 19, 2015 (Additional information regarding registration and cost will be published as soon as possible.)

For candidates preparing to take this exam, the reading lists will be the same as for the 2014 Examination. Journal articles in print or electronically released before 1 September 2014 will be considered in preparation of the exam.

New: Change in format for multiple choice questions for the ACVP Certifying Examination Starting in 2014, all multiple choice questions on the ACVP certifying examinations will have four potential responses (one correct response and three incorrect responses). The number of possible responses was reduced from five to four based on a review of studies that indicate reducing the number of possible responses from five to four improves the quality of question and has no detrimental effect on the performance/robustness of an examination. It has added benefits in reducing the reading demanded of candidates, as well as, the amount of time and effort required by Examination Committee members to produce and document the fifth response option. We make this change consistent with the advice of the College's testing consultant, Castle Worldwide.