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Externship Scholarship Program

There is a continuing need for well-trained veterinary pathologists for positions in government, academic, and private sectors. To help fill this need, the American College of Veterinary Pathologists has established a Scholarship Program designed to support externship experiences for veterinary students interested in learning more about activities of veterinary anatomic and clinical pathologists.

The program is primarily intended for veterinary students who have completed the core of a professional veterinary medical curriculum; however, students in their first and second years will be considered if they have demonstrated an interest in veterinary pathology through participation in extracurricular activities (pathology clubs, pathology rounds, research projects, etc.). The scholarship award is intended to partially support an experience of two weeks to three months' duration.


  • Provide veterinary students with working exposure to the practice of pathology in a variety of employment environments.
  • Encourage veterinary students to pursue post-DVM graduate training in preparation for careers as veterinary anatomic or clinical pathologists.

Program Description
Program Description
The ACVP Scholarship Program provides scholarships of up to $1,000 each to veterinary students who have been accepted to participate in an externship program organized by government, academic, or private entities. The externship program(s) must provide the student with at least a two-week up to three-month working exposure to veterinary anatomic and/or clinical pathologists and must involve direct interaction with on-site diplomates of the ACVP, ECVP or JCVP. Multiple pathology externships at various institutes are encouraged and they do not need to be in consecutive weeks. The externship experience will provide students with first-hand knowledge of the opportunities available to veterinary pathologists. During the externship, boarded veterinary pathologists should inform students about options for post-DVM training in pathology.

Priority will be given to applicants that have arranged externships that broaden the student’s pathology experience beyond the typical veterinary medical curriculum. Factors that are considered in selecting award recipients and the amount of the award are listed and briefly described below.  They are not listed in any particular order of importance but are included to assist the applicant in preparing the application form and letter.

  • Location of applicant and externship with preference given to applicants currently attending North American veterinary schools and planning to extern at North American institutions. 
  • Quality, duration, and diversity of the externship(s).   The committee encourages the applicant to consider externing in various pathology environments including academic, diagnostic, government, industrial, and zoological/wildlife pathology opportunities.  The Externship Center contains a list of externship opportunities, but keep in mind this is not an all-inclusive list and quality externships are available outside of those on the list. Preference is given to applicants planning to extern at institutions that have an established externship program and/or a pathology training program.
  • Goals of the externship.  The applicant should articulate what he/she hopes to accomplish during the externship (i.e. complete a project, gain appreciation for breadth of the pathology profession, perform necropsy on an elephant, etc.).
  • Future career goals. Preference is given to students considering a career in veterinary anatomic or clinical pathology, but all students are encouraged to apply.
  • Extracurricular activities.  Emphasis is placed on activities that demonstrate an interest and/or aptitude in veterinary pathology.
  • Year in veterinary school.  All interested students are encouraged to apply. Preference is given to those who have completed the core veterinary pathology courses and/or have progressed further in their veterinary education.
  • Grade point average and/or class rank.
  • Financial demands of the externship in the context of other available funding such as that provided by the institution providing the externship opportunity.
  • Previous Award recipient.  Previous recipients of the externship award are encouraged to apply.  Due to limited funds, priority will be given to those who have not previously received an Award.

Application Submission Deadlines
Spring deadline: postmarked by March 1
Fall deadline: postmarked by October 1

Program Information
View and print the Externship Award Application Form [PDF].

The Externship Centeris a list of externship opportunities. It is not restrictive, but rather serves as an example of the types of institutions that are appropriate for an ACVP-sponsored externship.

Additional information can also be obtained from the Executive Offices of the ACVP.